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Threats To Laptop: How To Prevent Them

How do you define a laptop? Well, if we had asked this question before a decade, you would have said that it is a device to get connected to the internet. And unlike the computer, it can be carried anywhere. In recent times, every urban Indian home has a laptop or computer. Preferably, laptops. With this device, you can do freelance work from home and other tasks. For example, you can order food, pay bills, book flights and complete many more tasks. But does that mean the device is safe from any threat? No, there are indeed many dangers. In this article, let us focus on the threats to the laptop and how to prevent them.

A. Types of Threats

How do you define a threat? The best description is the loss of data. There are some situations where the entire data can get corrupted or lost. Or there are also chances that the infrastructure such as the monitor or keyboard may suffer damage. When you mention threats to laptop, there are three types.

1.   Security Threat
2.   Physical Threat
3.   Non-physical threat

1. Security Threat

If you are facing security issues in your laptop, then it is a serious situation. The reason, the files in your storage base can get encrypted and the files may get lost or deleted. There are also chances that the laptop may get stolen. All these factors come under security threats.

2. Physical Threats

As the title suggests, the meaning relates to damage to laptop parts. Some types of physical threats are shown below -

I. Internal Threat

Unstable power supply could spell damage or harm to the internal parts of the laptop.
Fire can also damage the laptop
If there is a humidity atmosphere in the room, the laptop can get damaged.

Preventing Internal Threats to Laptop

You can keep automatic fire detectors to sense the fire before the situation gets out of control.
You can make use of voltage controllers to put a stop to voltage fluctuation problems.
How about using an air conditioner to maintain the humidity of a room?

II. External Threat
The occurrences are very rare. The threats can occur from lightning.
If you stay in low-level areas near the river, in flood situations, the water can enter your home.

Prevention Against External Threats

You can make use of lightning protection devices to protect the laptop. This occurrence is very rare.
Moving your home to high-level areas can prevent flood waters from entering your home.

III. Human Threats

You can make a guess, right? The types of theft, accidental dropping of the laptop, downloading a virus threat and vandalism.

Prevention Against Human Threats to Laptop

We need not provide guidance. You know the best steps to be taken. You can use locked doors, smart locks or put sensors on restricted rooms.

Please note, as long as your computer or laptop does not get connected to the internet, they are safe. If they are connected, then you should have a proper security system in place. However, there are times that the laptop may start giving problems. It will heat up quite fast, and demand a complete shutdown. There are situations when you are finding it difficult to open a pdf file. All these factors mean that the laptop needs maintenance service. And how will you get one if the laptop has crossed the warranty period? No worries. In this digital age and era of start-ups, you have companies who offer reputed experts at your doorstep. Are you living in Bangalore? Then it is very easy to find the pro skilled in computer repair services in Bangalore.

Just search for the best home appliance repair company in the city, download the app, and search among the profiles of computer repair experts near your home. Place a request and schedule the time for repair at your home as per your convenience. The problem will get fixed in quick time.

Till the above paragraph, we have seen the physical threats to laptop. Now let us discuss on the nonphysical threats.

3. Non-Physical Threats

How do you define non-physical threat? In all, it may be the result of a problem that may arise out of
·       Loss of laptop or corruption of data
·       If you have stored confidential info in the laptop, the files may suffer from encryption
·       Hacking problem
·       Spyware
·       And More

Please note, that the non-physical threats to laptops are known by another name, logical threats. Shall we look into some?
·       Worms
·       Virus
·       Adware
·       Keyloggers
·       Phishing
·       Cybersecurity Risks

A. Viruses

A program written to alter the workings of a computer. And you will not know that a virus exists in your laptop. The most important part, a virus can replicate and give rise to more viruses. It is vital to have antivirus software on your computer.

B. Spyware Threats

Another form of threat to your laptop. This software is installed in your laptop by a hacker who wants to steal personal information. Please be careful while downloading programs from a new company or organization.

C. Hackers and Predators

Did the very name of hackers & predators send a chill up your spine? In short, they are smart minds, who have every skill on their ten fingers to gain unauthorized access to your laptop. Of course, without your permission. They can lock you off your own social media platforms. But they can assume your identity.

D. Ransomware

This is the most dangerous threat in recent times. Ransomware can lock your computer and demand you pay the ransom.

All these threats to your laptop can be prevented if you have installed the recent best anti-virus/anti-spyware version in your device.

To prevent damage to laptops, you or the owner should implement proper security measures in place. Let us look into some -

For preventing worms, Trojans or viruses gaining access to your laptop, you should have proper antivirus software/spyware installed to your system. If you have an office, ensure to have strict control measures on the use of external devices (example - pen drive). And yes, the most important is prevention in browsing unwanted websites or downloading unauthorized programs or documents to your laptop.  
In case you have stored confidential information on the laptop, ensure that children do not use the same device for playing games and programs. Have a strong authentication procedure in the form of passwords and smart cards.

If you have an office, ensure that restriction to the office room with laptops is in the form of swipe cards and access by security personnel. This will ensure that your device stays protected for all times.


There are many who feel that if they purchase a laptop, the device can take care of itself. Yes, there are many free antiviruses/antispyware you can get online. But are they 100 percent foolproof? If they are, then what is the big change in the premium versions? Let us imagine, you are a working professional in Mumbai who has a personal laptop at home. The children use it for playing games and your spouse also uses it for shopping purposes. Of late, when you use the same laptop, did you find that the performance has gone slow. You suspect the involvement of a virus or spyware and do every DIY method to remove the unwanted guest. But they appear again. You also fear that the files and other data may become corrupt. You switch off the internet and opt for the next best step. Hire the best expert skilled in laptop home repair service in Mumbai by booking via the app of a home appliance repair company. The professional comes and fixes the problem.
There are some who do not give maintenance service to the laptop. Wrong decision. Every year, you need to give service to the internal parts to remove dust and dirt. Then the laptop will work to its full potential.

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