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Things That Make Malaysia Airline Your Best Travel Partner

Malaysia Airline Berhad largely known as MASNAH (Malaysian Airline System Nasional Arissa Hanat) is the best partner of anyone who wants to discover and explore the world with comfort and ease. The Malaysian Airline mainly provides services for Asia, Oceanic and Europe. Here are some of the things that can best demonstrate the term ‘Your best travel partner’.
Social Media Interaction and dealing
Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in the life of a modern man. Whether you are working, have your own established business or you spend your hours for working in a company, it is quite usual to check and update your status on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Whatsapp regularly.
Malaysia Airline keeps you intact with all these media while offering you its services at convenience.
MH Chat
Your 24/7 travel partner is always ready to book a flight for you in your schedule with little effort. Just visit Malaysia Airline’s Facebook page and popup for send message. After choosing your preferred chat option you can get all your questions answered by the MA.
Instant Travel Messenger
Get your flight booking confirmed and retrieve your flight status in nano-secs by the use of Instant Travel Messenger on Whatsapp. Here are the three ways to subscribe the option
  1. Using +603 8777 4570 as your contact
  2. Follow the link: http://bit.ly/mhwhatsapp
  3. Scanning QR code available on the website

Online Deals Information
Offering 30% discount on various deals, Malaysia Airline is the best thing that happened. Book your tickets on Business class and enjoy extra comfort with 30% saving on the pocket.
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