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Riverdale Season 3: The Basic High School Drama is all but Basic

At first glance, Riverdale might see as basic high school drama but spending some will lead you to the conclusion that it is anything but Basic. It is quite clear to see things in the bright and clear vision you have to spend some time with them. The season is full of predictable and unpredictable fact as the following fan theories.
Shall we start
  1. Hiram and Black Hood

The number one theory claimed by fans of Riverdale is that Hiram is working with the Black Hood. How far will it go is the question because he already put the life of his daughter and wife in danger and luckily these two are strong enough to take care of themselves. Fans believe that the Green-Eyed Black Hood has nothing to do with the real Black Hood (This Secret will be revealed at the end of this page).
  1. Secrets

The season will be a pack of surprises and fans are expected it to be much more perfect than the before. There is another secret blossom and its Jughead Jones. This theory will make your head go in the circle if you think that the Cooper and the Blossom family is complicated enough. We know till now with much effort that how Cooper and Cooper Blossom are cousins. Pregnancy of one of the main characters and the person seems to be the third cousin of her, Gross! This was not her fault. Now with various secrets unveiled fans are wondering that there still a lot to come out.
  1. Chic

The next interesting thing to be happening is Chic who seems to be very much alive. From day one, we all have speculated that Chic is the person of interest with something big on his shoulders. The shocking fact is that we never thought he is not Alice’ biological son.
  1. Charles

Fans theories are on the high sky about Charles. Many of the Riverdale fans claim that he is alive and goes with the name of Ben. It is a difficult task to separate the possible from impossible because there are so many theories about him.
  1. Black Hoods

The number of black hoods in Riverdale is the most discuss upon fact. It is believed that there are two Black Hoods. Surprise, Surprise, Hal’s secret twin is one of these Black Hoods.
  1. Petty’s Real Mother

The question ‘who is Petty’s mother’ is the featured discussion among Riverdale fans. They built theories to answer the question. But, Penny Peabody is Petty’s real mother. This can be seen as a strange fan theory and strangely weird one as well. You remember the Penny Peabody, the lawyer who inclined Jughead to make an illegal delivery.  Some fans believe that Alice and Penny are sisters and this seems not weird after all both these are blonde women who are raised on Southside.
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