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One Tree Hill: Facts You Probably Don’t know

Here are some of the facts about the show that remain no 1 for almost 10 years and still, no doubt, it is one of the top 10 best TV shows: One Tree Hill. You must know these facts because it’s better to learn from your favorite drama show than just letting it pass by. Hold your breath and start reading the fact that you probably don’t know about One Tree Hill.
  1. Name of the Show and Episodes
The show is one of the best shows of all time which dealt with the topic of relationship issues faced by teens. The name of the show is actually taken from the U2 song and every episode of the show is named after a song.
  1. Filming of the Show
The filming of the show is an interesting fact you should know about. It took place in North Carolina and you can visit most of the sites.
  1. Origin of the Show
The writer of the show wrote it actually as a feature film named Raven. But it could not be turned into reality for a long time. It took four years to the producer of the show to convince the writer to turn the project into a TV show and finally when he found success the show made a history.
  1. Characters with their Roles
There was a long discussion between the producer and the creator of assigning roles to the actors. They both found various characters suitable for the participants. Not only this, but Chad Michael Murray wanted to play the role of Lucas. On the other hand, the creator wanted him to play the role of Nathan. In the end, producers cast him for the role which was eagerly willing to play, Lucas.
  1. The Perfect Cheerleader
Hilrie Burton played the cheerleader and it seems to be the perfect option chosen by the makers. She was the cheerleader in real at the high school.
  1. Payton’s Album
With various interesting facts, Payton’s Album wall in her room is the one. The creator thinks it could be cool as he saw a wall of the old movie poster.
  1. Music on the Show
Music played a great role in the show and this leads the creator to make some more arrangements in order to get the show more featured look. So, they add music band Tric to the show which made to add more music and bands in general.
  1. Real Love!

From all the above-mentioned facts, this could be the more lovely and interested one as it carries more love with it. Sophia Bush and Michael Murray got married in 2005 and they are in the news again for their married life.
Isn’t it great! Stay logged for more fun facts and keep on surprising your friends with Facts relating One Tree Hill
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