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J6: Specs, Model & why to choose it?

This collection of hard drives affects the Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018). Superb AMOLED HD display + J6 (2018) 5.6-inch resolution for RPP of $ 26.6 ($ 313), two slots for SIM and CPU. Find out that J6 (2018) is worth mentioning in this notice. Update: Continue to update the connection.
Samsung G6 (2018) is another addition to the fantastic Galaxy family. Although the J6 (2018) is not a direct exhaust, the internal level device is ineligible in the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) performance. The J6 (2018) price is equal to 269 euros (about $ 313).
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Super AMOLED display with 5.6 "J6 (2018). It is useful, though similar prices are equipped with 1080pscreen. J6 (2018) camera and an 8-megapixel front camera behind a fingerprint sensor and a 13 mm The camera has been integrated with its eight Samsung Xinino 7870 octa senses, 3G ram, and 32GB internal storage. J6 (2018) comes with Android Oreo 8.0. This unit includes SD card slots and a Microsoft is also equipped with dual Nano SIM cards.
We compare the J6 (2018), Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), spiritual leader, ASUS Zen iPhone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL, Honorable 7X, Motorola Hot G6 Plus, Nokia 6 (2018) and Sony Xperia XA2. All our devices cost € 300 (about $ 350) and are equipped with competitive J6 (2018) devices.
The J6 (2018) contains an endless plastic box. We can spread our test operator with repeated effort. Samsung is cheap than aluminum where Samsung used J5 device (2017). J (2018) is a step in this regard. The J6 (2018) is comfortable to cover the back.
Cool enough?
The fingerprint sensor is located below the rear camera, which changes the integration of the start button with J5 (2017). Home button for the high body is removed on the screen. JS (2018) is used instead of the standard set of three-screen buttons in the Navigation Bars.
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The J6 (2018) grade is too high to create dual SIM card devices. The best, the device has dedicated the dinosaurs and small SD card ports. This means that there is no agreement between the second SIM card and the small SD card, and other SIM card cards are also available. J6 (2018) Micro SD Card supports up to 256 cards and can be created as internal storage. This Samsung also includes 15 pockets in cloud storage.
Let’s check what’s more?
The J6 (2018) 32 mm comes with flash memory and is able to use the remaining 23.2 pockets operating system and its original services.
The J6 (2018) comes with Android Oreo 8.0, which has increased its skill up to 9.0 yuan. Samsung does not make any basic changes to Android. Most users will use the instant device.
Update 8/6/18: Samsung has released a 333 MW update for the Big OTA, which requires compliance according to GDPP. In addition, the email client and the Bluetooth connection have been improved. Google Security Patty was updated on July 1, 2018.
J6 is one of the recent collections that we have in the box of innovative gadgets. Expecting more bounce this year.

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