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Android is rolling eyes! ‘Google seems disappointed? : Check Google pixel at event

Android is working as an icon and developing itself as best as a human supporting tech could ever be. It being most ubiquitous OS is for sure becoming a standalone candidate that is least interested in collaboration with any of other big entity? Recently, an event being held at New York City, is a clear proof have a look...
Check through the bottleneck...
Unexpectedly android has shaken its head and made Google eyes rolling at the event by not saying a single time during the Made by Google 2018 keynote. This is the first time that Google had to face such a situation in a hardware event.
This is not very first time that Android is taking unexpected turns when it comes to gadgets. It seems like android is feeling like master already? As Google’s most important and familiar app have also seen android waving off over a couple of last few years. Android Pay later rebranded to Google pay. Another, evidence when Android Messages were being transformed to “Messages”.
Astonishing? Isn’t it?
Google’s wearable OS or Android wear has also been rebranded as ‘Wear OS’.
Of course, where the names are being substituted by the Android, they are same on the title of many other Android OS offshoots. Nothing has been changed! Android seems more promising as Android TV, Android Auto, and hashtag Android things are still working around.
“Google Home smart display is no longer running android stuff but rather a ‘caster platform’.
Keeping no secrets into the box, Google Pixel 3 and Google 3 XL run android as well. You can still find the word in its settings, Google no doubt still connected and would as you directly and the company has fair collaboration. In its latest event company still talks up Android for its all latest features quiet proudly where latest Pixel— the phone is going to be definitely not awaited.
Despite this Android still seems quickly disappearing from Google’s products. Since the launch of Google pixel, android marketing messages have been a clear evidence. Google Pixel has not clearly mentioned about the Android involvement except few applications and this is thought awakening. No mention of Android on the retail box why?
Even after Google pixel boots. , phone says “ Powered by Android”. How come this brand is taking its hands off from essentials? The phone has no proper welcome at home screen even!
Google pixel that uses all latest technology released on 2016 October has the net weight of 143 g especially built-in nanotechnology with the capacitive touchscreen. It supports Android version 7.1 and can easily be upgraded to Android 9.0(pie). It excellent capacitive display seems quite promising to new users, Let’s not predict about Google and Android hidden plans and see what this gadget has for tech geeks and individual response to market and their blended features.

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