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5 Fun Facts about Swinging

Swinging from its birth is considered something bad or not accepted by the society openly is the quite right way to put the statement. Swinger life style is wide spread phenomenon nowadays and it also stands as Taboo in most of the people opinions. We bet you do not know various interesting facts we are going to share with you.
Let’s us start the Facts
  1. Swinger are not Old, Fat and Ugly
Despite what you think, Swinger is not all Fat, Old and ugly. Majority of them are between 25 to 40 years and they are generally highly educated or less educated (there is nothing in between). Some of them are in good physique and some of them are in model condition and some of them are quite sexy. You can experience a good mix in swinger club where there is businessmen, models, cooperates. The educational level is either very low or very high in those clubs.
  1. Swinging Is Not Merely About Having Sex
Just because a couple swings does not means they have sex with each other or with anyone. Some men are of the opinion that if woman is a swinger that means she is available for everyone to have sex with her. Many swingers are hard to get or you can say they are no easier than an average person. Swingers are not hookers, both these are different things. A swinger carries a sort of choice and it’s completely her or his choice to have sex with someone or not. This might be the most interesting fact about Swinger Life Style.
  1. They are not Info maniacs
They are not info maniacs who are always looking for their next fix and grab them on the bed. It’s like when someone finds a prostitute he treats her like a slut and assumes he can have sex with any one, not the case. Swingers generally like sex and they are more adventurous but it is not like that they need sex four times a day.
  1. Not free to Sleep Alone with Other
Swingers not feel free to sleep alone with other people. It is the answer to the question often asks to the female counterpart of a swinger; when do I find you to sleep with me?
  1. Respect!

The quickest way to engage in a swinging is to offer respect to people who invited you and also respect the relation. It will lead you the heights of adventure and comfort.  The suitable definition for a
Swinger could be a couple having time together and show respect for their relation while exploring new adventures.
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